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Alto’s Odyssey Review

Alto's Odyssey Review

​Alto's Odyssey was finally released, and it's time for our review.

​If you're like me, you find the "endless runner" gaming genre ​endlessly stressful and frustrating. Not so with this "endless sand-boarding" journey. The visuals and music induce a calm and meditative state, reminiscent of it's predecessor, Alto's Adventure (free download with in-app purchases for android ​or $4.99 for iOS)

​After 3 years of development, Alto's Odyssey was officially released for iOS on Feb. 22, 2018 and the android version is promised "in the ​months ahead". The official reason for the ​staggered release​ is that Apple's ​hardware is the best showcase for their work. The Snow​man team just isn't large enough for​ simultaneous ​release on both platforms. We know too that users of ​Apple products are more willing to pay up which surely helps the teams bottom line as they complete development of the android version.

​Alto's Odyssey Official Release Trailer

​​Alto's Odyssey offers 3 distinct sandy ​landscapes, referred to as "biomes".  The dunes, temple city, and canyons. Each of them ​are beautiful and have their own unique ​visuals and ​​gameplay which keeps things very interesting. ​Instead of playing through one and moving onto the next you transition between them sequentially.

​Each of the biomes are highly dynamic with weather and lighting effects constantly ​​changing. At times the visuals can get busy but the team has clearly made an effort to make it all manageable and as it's never impossible to differentiate your character or see what's coming up ahead.

Discover new heights with hot air balloons, moving grind rails, and wall riding. To keep things even more interesting Alto has 6 unlockable friends each with their own abilities and attributes. When it's time to relax turn off the coins, score, and power-ups with zen ​and it's own unique soundtrack.

The soundtrack of this game is amazing and the Snowman team has made it available for your listening pleasure over at iTunes or Spotify (Headphones recommended)

​Want an awesome Alto hat or stuffed llama? Head on over to the official merchandise store and get all your Alto gear.

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